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Ilse Flux

Artificial intelligence softlens fitting

Reinier Stortelder

Double Trouble with a Scleral Lens Fit

Tompkins Knight & Son

POSTER: Scleral Lens Fitting (Zenlens)

KYRANTO Optical Centre

POSTER: Scleral MicroVault

Brian Tompkins

Bitoric Zenlens

David P. PiƱero

Case Report: ICDtoric lens fit

Kyriakos Telamitsi

Case Report: Scleral MicroVault

Brian Tompkins

Feathering the Nest

Dr. Jerome A. Legerton

Contour driven Contact lens design

Kees Broos

Fitting Mini-Scleral Lenses with the ESP

Dr. Langis Michaud

Scleral Lens Fitting Among Muliple Brands With ESP

Alejandra Consejo

ESP Technology Demystified

Pat Caroline

BCLA 2015 Breakfast Meeting

Brian Tompkins

New Technology in your Practice

Jennifer McMahon

3 Scleral Lens Cases fitted with an ESP

Lee Hall

Ocular Topography Explained

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